Questions & Answers

Answer: We can work with you to provide a Medical receptionist for a set timeframe, either to assist you during a season peak or to cover for an emergency or maternity leave period.

Answer: Everest Practice Management monitors all their offices via CCTV which feeds back to our offices in Australia. We can provide you with surveillance footage if requested or needed. In some circumstances, computer monitoring software can be provided at your request but extra charges may apply.

Answer: Certainly, we will even assist you in finding accommodation in the Philippines so that you have a pleasant experience and are able to accomplish results. Furthermore, we can provide you with low cost options; to fly your virtual receptionist to Australia to meet them, introduce them to the rest of your team and also provide them with training at your offices.

Answer: You can transfer directly to our Australian bank account. Your B2B relationship is with an Australian company and you will receive an invoice from us monthly and also periodical statements.

Answer: Everest Practice Management does thorough checking of references and all necessary checking of new staff. Based on your specific business requirements we can obtain further checks as required.

Answer: When you have staff working remotely it is important you set clear expectations on what your expectations are.  We will ensure that there are the right systems in place to monitor their activities, diaries and task lists.

Answer: Virtual receptionists are managed by you and take instructions from you in relation to their daily tasks. You are responsible for directing, guiding them and setting their KPIs. Security can be guaranteed by your own virtual private network (VPN) which we will set up for you.

Answer: Everest Practice Management provides staff with PCs. You will be able to engage in a video conference with your virtual receptionist through Skype, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting or any other video conferencing option. Part of the solution we offer is setting up communication links and integration; this will further benefit you and your business in the future.

Answer: Everest Practice Management explicitly states that all work completed by your medical receptionist while performing your assigned tasks are to be your exclusive property. We take all reasonable measures to protect your intellectual property by preventing theft or breaches in confidentiality; we maintain a highly secure workplace monitored by security cameras. We also secure data with workplace guidelines such as Managed Internet Connectivity, and an optional VPN (virtual private network)-only access- which means that your existing internal internet access rules are applied to our workstations. It protects your data from being accessed by anyone other than those who have been specifically granted permission.

Answer: Depending on your needs we can get a medical receptionist working for your practice within 2-4 weeks.

Answer: Currently, the Philippines is where our offices and virtual receptionists are based, although future plans will extend to other countries.

Answer: Of course, your medical receptionist will have their own permanent workstation and their own computer that will be used solely by your virtual receptionist and will be up to date with the latest software as it becomes available.

Answer: Your Medical receptionist will be accessing your patient data using the system you are currently using. Everything will be stored in exactly the same way that it is using a local medical receptionist so it is always secure.

Answer: There is no minimum or maximum number of Medical receptionists you can hire through Everest Practice Management. We develop partnerships and work with you to determine your exact requirements that will most benefit your practice.

Answer: The Philippines shares the same time zone as Western Australia. Your medical receptionist can work on a flexible schedule that suits you and your business. It is important to remember that the Philippines does not have Daylight Saving Time.

Answer: Everest Practice Management charges you a fixed monthly fee for your virtual receptionist. The actual monthly fee is negotiated in advance and is subject to the skills and experience you require. The fee includes all costs such as wages, office space, computer, software and other. Everest Practice Management is an equal opportunity employer and we ensure that your virtual receptionists are paid all relevant entitlements including health insurance, benefits and applicable Philippine government taxes and fees.

Answer: Everest Practice Management provides your virtual receptionist with the right environment so that they can meet your practice needs. We can help with basic training such as dealing with your Australian patients and will ensure your medical receptionist delivers our company high customer service


Answer: We have experience in most of the main Practice Management Systems and we will provide training to your Medical receptionist to ensure they are fully aware of how to use our system effectively and efficiently.

Answer: Everest Practice Management provides your virtual receptionist with up to date technology and an environment for success. Your medical receptionist will work in a modern office environment in the centre of Makati’s financial and business district, using hardware installed with Microsoft Office applications, using premium Internet connectivity (fibre optic) and modern equipment necessary for your practice needs.

Answer: Yes; you will receive monthly reports on the attendance and upcoming leave requests of your agent. Further reporting can also be provided based on your requirements; speak to your account manager for more details.

Answer: Your patients will not know that the person they are talking to on the other end of the line is situated offshore. The quality of the telephone line is excellent, as good as in Australia, and the accent of the virtual receptionist will be no different to any of the millions of Australians from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB) that live and work in our country.

Answer: Our offices in Makati, which is in the commercial center of Manila, have Australian expat executives onsite who are available to assist if required. Everest Practice Management can provide advice and basic hints in relation to Australian culture and idiosyncrasies to help bridge any possible cultural gap.