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Are your onsite reception staff spending their day answering calls & emails, confirming appointments and following up referrals or pathology/radiology results? Are these tasks distracting them from focusing on your patient and practice day to day needs? A Virtual Medical Reception Service can take away some of the load and help you out.

We can help you create a hybrid team of Administration specialists for your GP or Specialist Practice!  Everest Practice Management offers a reliable solution that is both efficient and cost effective enabling you to focus on your patients rather than the administrative tasks of your practice. Our Virtual Medical Receptionists can ease the burden of paperwork, freeing up your onsite staff to handle the face to face interactions of your patients. Take the first step today to brainstorm your clinic needs and compliment your onsite staff with reliable, friendly and professional virtual support!

Our team has over 30 years of experience in managing all aspects of a Medical Centre including but not limited to administration, recruitment and technical support.  

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Medical Virtual Solutions For All

We Have The Experience To Assist You & Relieve Your Onsite Team From Some Of The Daily Practice Duties

Medical Receptionist

We will provide you with your own, dedicated medical virtual reception staff. They will have complete knowledge of your practice workflows and procedures to help GP's, Specialists, Dentists and Allied Health Practitioners Australia wide.

Administrative Staff

Our aim is to assist you in decreasing the admin workload of your GP or Specialist practice. Our reliable and efficient virtual reception staff can take on tasks to assist your onsite team and enhance the overall patient experience with the Medical Practice.

Virtual Support

We offer doctors and practice managers the chance to streamline their workload by handling appointments, referrals, screening result follow-ups, procedure bookings, prescription management, and more. Trust us to make a positive impact on your clinic.

Virtual Medical Secretary Everest Practice Management

Let us Help you Focus on What Matters

During peak times in a busy GP or Specialist practice your phones ringing ‘off the hook’ is only one of the tasks on your to-do-list.  Your onsite receptionists are working to respond to Doctors requests, processing payments and Medicare claims, meeting and greeting patients in the waiting room & liaising with Private-Public Hospitals, Pathology labs or Pharmacies.

Everest Practice Management’s virtual medical receptionist solution will transform your often-hectic waiting room into a calm, quiet and relaxed environment for the doctor, reception staff and patients by managing all calls, voicemails, emails, faxes and Doctors correspondence.

Let us take the burden away from you, no matter where you are located in Australia we can help you and allow you to focus on your patients needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at our FAQs and get all answers to questions you may have about the service.

Virtual Receptionist EverestPM

Certainly, we will even assist you in finding accommodation in the Philippines so that you have a pleasant experience and are able to accomplish results. Furthermore, we can provide you with options; to fly your virtual receptionist to Australia to meet them, introduce them to the rest of your team and also provide them with training onsite at your medical practice.

As we all know since the Covid-19 era when you have staff working remotely it is important you set clear expectations on what your requirements are.  We will ensure that there are the right systems in place to monitor their activities, diaries and task lists.

Everest Practice Management provides staff with PCs and local AUS phone numbers. You will be able to engage in a video conference with your virtual receptionist through Skype, Google, Teams or any other video conferencing option. Part of the solution we offer is setting up communication links and custom integrations; this will further benefit you and your business in the future.

Depending on your needs we can get a medical receptionist working for your practice within 4 weeks.  This period will include practice manual write up, recruitment and training of your chosen candidate. 

Your Virtual Medical receptionist will be accessing your patient data using the system you are currently using either it is locally accessed or on the Cloud. Everything will be stored in exactly the same way and using a secure infrastructure we protect the data of your patients. 

Your patients will receive incoming/outgoing calls from a local number. The quality of the telephone line is excellent, as good as in Australia, and the accent of the virtual receptionist will be no different to any of the millions of Australians from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB) that live and work in our country. 

Over the years we have invested significant time and effort into our recruiting and staff vetting process to help the practices we have worked for and ensure we provide quality talent.  You will also have the chat to choose the right candidate to work with your team once we have presented the best suited candidates for your practice. 


Doctors Reviews

Have a look at just some of our satisfied customer reviews below.

Virtual Medical Secretary Everest Practice Management
Virtual Medical Receptionist Everest PM Logo

Paediatric Gastroenterologist

Prof Daniel-Avi Lemberg

Having used virtual offices both overseas and in Australia previously, Everest Practice Management is in a different league setting a new standard in Virtual Receptionist servicing.Dr avi lemberg

Virtual Secretary Everest Practice Management
Virtual Medical Receptionist Everest PM Logo

Medical Director Australian Menopause Centre

Dr Gary Aaron

The EPM staff are well educated, quick to learn and have a great interactive and friendly attitude. 
I highly recommend making the move with Everest Practice Management for your practice.